LED Track Light B-Series

Reliable and high-quality track light

  • Excellent track light for clothing stores

  • The CRI level is suitable for museums

  • Durable aluminum housing


50W 54.00€
40W 48.90
30W 44.70€
20W 39.99€

The LED Boll B Series B-Series is a reliable and currently best-selling professional LED luminaire used by shops, galleries, sample halls and museums.


Longer life span

The usefulness of the Bonn B-Series luminaire is that the electronic block is on the side of the luminaire. This allows the luminaire to operate to prevent the addition of additional heat to the COB LED, which ultimately prolongs the life of the luminaire.


Functionality and options

The LED Boll B series B series is available in both black and white. It is possible to adjust the angle of the light beam and also the light temperature. You can also select the correct adapter for your bus. You can choose between different COB LEDs depending on the CRI.



For a given light, we offer a guarantee of 3-5 years. For a longer, 5 year warranty, the price may change slightly as we use more expensive components. The prices are cheaper when buying a larger quantity. Discounts start at 20 pcs.

Technical specifications

  • Korpuse värv: must | valge
  • LED-i eluiga 50 000h
  • Volt: 110-240V AC
  • PF: >0.9
  • Sagedus: 50-60HZ
  • CRI 80+:
    • PHILIPS COB LED 110 lm/W kui valgussoojus on 3000K
    • CITIZEN 6-Gen MacAdam 2-Step COB LED 120 lm/W kui valgussoojus on 3000K
  • CRI 90+:
    • PHILIPS COB LED 102 lm/W kui valgussoojus on 3000K
    • CITIZEN 6-Gen MacAdam 2-Step COB LED 110 lm/W kui valgussoojus on 3000K
  • Valgusvihu nurk: 15, 24, 36 või 60 kraadi
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